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Welcome to CSMBStudentBlog.com

CSMBStudentBlog.com is created and maintained by the students of the Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience. We use this site to communicate with each other and our peers around the world. Requirements for Host Student Participation All students of the Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience are considered host students. In order to use the CSMBStudentBlog.com […]

How To: Create a Post

In steps 1-3 we learned how to log into AISBlogPals.com and edit our user profile. After you’ve completed those steps it’s time to create a post. In this step we will: Create a post Title the post Write the post Assign the post to the appropriate categories Publish the post Instructions This process requires that […]

How To: Add a Featured Image

Each post on CSMBStudentBlog.com must have a featured image associate with it. A featured image is an image that is associated with your post on many areas of CSMBStudentBlog.com. For example: Sizing restrictions A featured image is automatically resized to fit into many areas of AISBlogPals.com. In order for a featured image to work in […]

How To: Create and Format Headers

Authors who use AISBlogPals.com must adhere to strict formatting rules. When creating headers, please follow these instructions. Guidelines Headers should be arranged hierarchically Begin with Heading 1 Do not go lower than Heading 4 Never use headings for paragraphs Never begin a post with a header – always begin with some introductory text Instructions for Creating […]

How to: Upload and Link a File

Sometimes we need to link additional information to our posts. These files might be PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, or even full PowerPoint presentations. If you need to upload and link files to your post, follow the instructions below. Instructions Place your cursor where you want to insert a link to a file Click the […]