How To: Add a YouTube Video to a Post

Video is, arguably, the most effective multimedia tool that a communicator can use to tell a story.  We can find a plethora of wonderful videos on sites like Vimeo and YouTube: academic videos, music videos, “how to” videos, political videos, and many others.

This post will show you how to insert a YouTube video into your post.


  1. IMPORTANT: Write your post first
    1. Sometimes the site will do some funky stuff with your formatting if you insert the video and then try to write around it
  2. Open a separate or new browser window
    1. Press <ctrl>+<n> or <ctrl>+<t>
  3. Go to and find the video you would like to use in your post
  4. In, click on the [Share or Embed] button, which is located beneath the video
  5. When the share link displays, copy it (highlight it and press <ctrl>+<c>) Share Link Displayed Share Link Displayed

  6. Go back to your post
  7. Create a blank paragraph return where you want to insert the video
    1. Press <return> or <enter> to create a paragraph return
  8. Paste (<ctrl>+<v>) the YouTube link into the new space created by the paragraph return: Link Pasted into Link Pasted into

  9. Publish or preview your post
    1. You must publish or preview your post to see the video display

If you’ve followed the directions carefully, your video should display like this:



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