My Thoughts about Maya Angelou’s “Still I Rise”


“Still I Rise,” by Maya Angelou

The theme of this poem is self-respect.(IC)  I know it is self-respect because she overcomes her problems with society and self-esteem.(CX) This can apply to people everyday lives because there are so many humans who don’t have self-respect or fear the opinions of others.(CX-CD)  Maya Angelou overcomes her anxiety by embracing her flaws, accepting the fact that she’s not perfect and standing tall. (IC)Although many people can’t do that, she was able to because her lack of tolerance for being a victim had come to a turning point.(CX) Everyday people are being judge or bullied but at the same time people are also rising above and taking a stand for themselves.(CD)

The author shows three obvious changes in the speaker.(IC) In the first half of the poem every stanza has a rhyme scheme, but the second half is mechanically different.(CD) The stanzas change to free-verse with no structured rhyme scheme.(IC) The speaker no longer forces herself in a box.(IC) Another obvious change was unlike the first half in the second half she isn’t asking questions anymore.(IC) The speaker is now telling(IC). She is not looking for affirmation, she does not care, and she no longer seeks or relies on others opinions.(IC) The last obvious change is the change from I “will” rise to I rise.(IC) In the first half she is saying I will rise in spite of the bad things, but in the second half she’s saying her oppressors don’t matter.(CD) She refuses to be a victim anymore.(IC) The speaker no longer uses will to show that she has broken from the victim hood and now has unbreakable confidence.(CD)

An author doesn’t need to experience a tragedy to write meaningful poetry.(IC) Poetry is used to express emotion.(IC)  Authors write about everything and anything everyday ,but a tragedy doesn’t make it meaningful what makes it meaning is the connection is has to you.(CD) Sometimes the connection can be a tragedy and other times it could be an exultant moment.(CD) Therefore no an author doesn’t need to experience a tragedy to have

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