My Thoughts about Maya Angelou’s “Still I Rise”

The theme of this poem, “Still I Rise” shows self-respect. (IC) The author shows characteristics of self confidence and how she is able to overcome big obstacles in life. (CD) She demonstrates how courage, wisdom, and high self-esteem make you achieve anything without any interruptions trying to interfere. (CD) This theme applies to humans in a big ways. (IC) With a strong mind and being on top of everything you do academically and mentally in life can make you achieve great things. (CD)

 The speaker changes her personality/ identity. (IC) In the first half of the poem, the speaker uses the words, “I’ll Rise.” (IC) While in the 2nd part the speaker uses, “I Rise.” (IC) The speaker tends to require approval to “you” in the 1st half. (CX) However, in the 2nd half the speaker doesn’t ask questions, but she makes statements and doesn’t ask for approval from “you.” (CD-CX)

 I believe that you don’t necessarily have to have a dramatic effect on your life for you to make a meaningful poem. (CX)  However, for an author who happens to have a tragedy that effects them in a certain way, their poem may be more powerful and dramatic than a person who has never had a tragedy in their life.(CD

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