My Thoughts about Maya Angelou’s “Still I Rise”

The theme of this poem is basically keeping your head up through judgments and people opinions. (CD) This connects with the theme and how ones opinion can make a difference. (CD) This theme can apply to all humans because everyday someone is being judged, and depending on how confident you are in yourself you can be judged and not even care what has been said. (CD-CX) It’s all about keeping your head up. (IC)

The author’s first half of the poem is asking questions and states “I’ll Rise”. (CD)  The author is asking for approval. (IC) The author is also using the term “I’ll Rise” meaning sometime or someday they will rise. (IC) In the second half of the poem it’s a free verse. (IC) The author is just going at it, and being more confident. (CD) Also in the second verse, the author states “I Rise” meaning it happened. (IC) The author has complete confidence. (IC) How the first half and second half of the poem changes is how the author shows the speaker’s change. (IC)

Experiencing a horrible tragedy doesn’t have anything to do with how meaningful a poem can be. (IC) Many different tragedies can be experienced and a meaningful poem can still be written. (CD) It’s all in the writer. (IC)  If they’re a strong writing that can go deeply in feelings then there’s a meaningful poem right there. (CD)

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