My Thoughts about Maya Angelou’s “Still I Rise”


The theme of the poem “Still I Rise” is self-respect.(IC) It explains how she overcomes certain things with her self-esteem.(IC) She does not let things bring her down in the end.(IC) This poem also explains how to stand up for yourself and keep your head up high.(CD-CX) The theme apply to all humans because everyone can read and understand this poem and where the author is coming from.(CD-CX) It makes the reader take this poem to a more personal level. (IC)

The author shows the speaker change by the tone in her voice and the change in her use of words.(CD-CX) In the beginning of the poem she doubts herself.(IC) She explains that you can say whatever you want but she won’t care and she’ll still have confidence.(CD) She has a change of understanding in her identity.(IC) She seems as if she cares more about someone else approval than her own approval in the beginning.(CX) Towards the ending she has her own approval.(IC) She doesn’t speak on anyone else’s approval. (IC)She finally have statements instead of questions. (IC)

I think you need to experience tragedy in order to write meaningful poetry.(IC)You can also relate to tragedy that has happened to others to feel their pain and hurt.(IC) You can feel the pain just like it has exactly happened to you.(IC) Your poetry can be meaningful without tragedy.(IC) I also think it’s even better to go through tragedies to make your poem a little more meaningful. (IC) It’s nothing like actually experiencing horrible tragedies.(IC) There is more feeling in the poem. (IC)

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