My Thoughts about Maya Angelou’s “Still I Rise”

The theme of this poem is to show you, yourself, that your sexuality means something. (IC)  You were born to be unique and stand out. (CD)  No one is the same. (IC) The theme applies to all humans by letting them know they can be themselves without wanting or needing to be accepted. (IC)  Everyone has their own identity and that separates us as people. (CD) Advertisement and other things make people think they should do things so that they can fit in. (IC) Life and society focuses on how you dress, what shoes you wear, how you look, and many other things, and we as people allow us to change ourselves because of that. (CD)  In society now everyone does something because they saw someone else do it. (CD) That should stop because that would make everyone the same in a way, but you were born to be different. (CD-CX)

The author shows the speaker’s change by how they talk and how the lines in the stanzas change. (CD) In the first half of the poem the speaker is talking like they want acceptance from someone. (IC)  They are seeking approval for whatever reason. (IC)  The speaker imprisons their self. (IC)  The speaker is allowing their self to be captive like they are scared of poetry or scared of the oppressor. (CD)  In the second half the speaker’s whole mood changes. (IC) They no longer care. (IC) No longer asking or wanting approval. (CD)  They realize their identity. (IC) They are no longer a victim or no longer ask questions like in the first half. (CD)

No, I don’t think in order to write meaningful poetry you have to through something tragic. (IC)  You can write a meaningful poem by knowing someone who went through a tragedy. (CD) To write a meaningful poem you don’t have to witness any type of tragedy like Maya Angelou because every meaningful thing didn’t or doesn’t have to have a tragedy behind it. (CD)

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