My Thoughts about Maya Angelou’s “Still I Rise”


The theme of ‘Still I Rise’ is self-respect(IC). It explains how she over comes certain things with her self-esteem(CX). She does not let things bring her down ever(CX). For example, does my sassiness upset you(CX)? Why are you beset with gloom(IC)? Because I walk like I’ve got oil wells pumping in my living room(IC). She basically saying people will talk behind you back, people will spread whatever rumors they can conjure, even to the point of ramming your face in the mud and really make a picture of you as a dirty, good for nothing person(CD-CX). Yet despite that, you still walk with your head high, knowing they’re not true(CD-CX).

Humans are very strong, we have so much potential that we should pride and have faith in, and we are to not allow anything to stop us from becoming a strong independent person(CD-CX) .This theme applies to all humans to have confidence and self-respect (CX). Even if others bring you down you turn away and believe in yourself(CX)..  Also, when people can’t seem to understand why you’re not upset, they’ll continue putting you down. And you’ll just laugh it off, not really caring or commenting on what they say (CD-CX).. No matter what don’t give up, be equal, and be strong(IC).

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