My Thoughts about Maya Angelou’s “Still I Rise”

Maya Angelou gives a message to all people that never let anyone or anything stop you from doing something or letting you down. (CX)  She says to be confident and to stay strong. (CX) The theme of this poem is that people will push you to the ground but you have to get up with strength and positivity. (CX) No one should think that they have lost all hope in this world of rising up after they have been put down. (CX) We should have the courage to overcome all the struggles and obstacles we face. (CX) We can all become independent people and let our voices be heard amongst everyone. (CX) The theme applies to all humans to let them know that they have chance to actually fight their fears and stand still unbreakable. (CX) The person who is on ground level should rise up, defeat their opponents, and make a difference in their own lives and of others with respect, courage, and a mind full of positivity. (CD-CX)

The author shows the speaker’s change in this poem. (IC) You can see by observing the text of the poem. (IC) You can clearly see that in the first half of the poem she asks many questions. (CX) “Does my sassiness upset you? Did you want to see me broken? Does my haughtiness offend you?” (CX)  This indicates that she needs to seek approval of others. (IC) The author cares about what her enemies think of her. (IC) In the second half of the poem you can see that the author speaks freely and with bravery. (CX)  She had stopped asking questions and now states words and sentences with confidence. (CX)  She does not need the approval of other people anymore. (IC)

I feel like to write true, very meaningful, and deep poetry a person must experience tragedy to write it. (CD-CX) Someone can make their writing come to life by experiencing the tragedy. (CX) It is most likely easier for person to write poetry with deep thoughts and meaning if they have experienced it. (CX)

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