My Thoughts about Maya Angelou’s “Still I Rise”

The theme of “Still I Rise” is that you can always stand back up and rise no matter what happens. (CX)  The poem is about the speaker finding their own identity and learning to accept who they are. (CD) This theme applies to all humans because everybody goes through this process sometime in their lives. (CX) Most people try to find their own identity through their teenage years while they take the time to really think about themselves and what makes them unique. (CD-CX) The speaker shows us through their words how they struggled with teasing and bullying and how they managed to rise up through it all to become even stronger. (CD)

The author shows the speaker’s change by how the speaker talks. (IC) At the beginning of the poem, the speaker talks in questions. (IC)  They want to know if they have the approval of the person to whom they are talking. (CX) This can be shown by the line, “Did you want to see me broken?” as if they would have broken down and cried if the answer was yes. (CD) The author also uses the words “I’ll rise” as a way to say that the person has not risen yet, but they will. (CD)  Near the middle of the poem, the author switches to the words “I rise” as a way to say that the person is rising and has risen. (CX) There is no hesitation to ask anyone else’s permission, they have confidence and that is all they need. (CD-CX) They are no longer that person who looked for approval to do everything. (CX)

No, I don’t think an author must experience tragedy to write a meaningful poem. (IC) Anyone can write a spectacular poem. (IC) A poem reflects what the author thinks and you can do that without experiencing tragedy. (CD-CX) A happy poem could be meaningful. (IC) A sad poem could be meaningful. (IC) Any emotion could flow into a poem and that doesn’t mean  the author had to go through tragedy to feel it. (CD)  I believe that anyone can write a masterpiece as long as they have the motivation and emotion to do it, no matter what the feelings. (CD-CX)


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