“Still I Rise,” by Maya Angelou


The theme of this poem is self-respect and not letting people bring you down. (I.C.)Angelo talks about the many ways in which someone can bring you down.(I.C.)After every description, she says “I rise”.(I.C.)This also symbolizes dignity and strength.(I.C.)The dignity is for keeping her head up, and the strength is the power she used to keep her head up.(C.D.)Also, she puts her strengths out there making them people’s weaknesses.(I.C.)

The author shows the speakers change because it shows the weakness and how strong Angelo has become towards it.(C.X)The author says things like” you may shoot me with your words”.(I.D.) This shows that this was something that was being said to Angelou, and she is saying you may do it, but I will rise.(C.D.-C.X.)This poem is a series of things which were done to Angelou, but she has overcome these fears.(C.D.) She is basically telling them that she is strong enough to overcome this.(I.C.)

It is necessary for an author to experience the tragedy then write about it.(I.C.) The reason is they write feelings and emotion.(I.C.) Even if you know a lot about one thing, it isn’t the same as experiencing it.(C.X.) For example , if you get into  car accident, it is not the same as being involved in one.(C.X.)


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