My Thoughts about Maya Angelou’s “Still I Rise”

The theme in “Still I Rise” is self-respect. (IC)It explains how she overcomes certain conflictions in her life. (IC)She does not let these certain things let her down, and let it ruin her character. (CX)This theme also connects with people’s everyday lives when they feel down or disappointed they shouldn’t let that one thing affect their self-respect and their character. (CD-CX)This theme can connect to a wide variety of situations that are limitless. (IC)

The overall tone of this poem is very assertive and confident. (IC) The speaker in this case is the author, Maya Angelou. (IC)  She is speaking to here audience of oppressors and how she has to overcome racism, sexism, and personal obstacles in her life. (CX)The speakers tone changes from being very affirmative and concerned to being very confident and happy. (CD) The first half of the poem uses poetry and rhyme scheme, while the second half uses more statements and free verse poetry. (CD)

The definition of a meaningful poem is something that the author or the reader can connect to. (IC) This poem has done just that. (IC)Many people can connect to this poem because of tragic event that have happened to them. (CD)If any author in general would have written this poem it wouldn’t be the same as Maya Angelou. (IC) The amount of emotion and dedication she put into this poem is unreal; I don’t believe anyone can write this type of poetry without a sense of dedication or emotion. (CD-CX)

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