My Thoughts about Maya Angelou’s “Still I Rise”

“Still I Rise” is a poem written by Maya Angelou. (IC) This poem was publish by Random House in 1978. (IC) In this poem, the author tells the reader the theme of the poem through the transformation that the speaker made from the beginning of the poem to the end of the poem. (CX) In the beginning of the poem, the author shows the speaker as a victim. (IC) “Cut me with your eyes” and “kill me with your hatefulness” let the reader predict that the speaker is addressing to her oppressor. (CX) The author shows that the speaker is worrying about the judgment of her oppressor by asking a lot of questions. (CX) From this, the reader can conclude that the speaker doesn’t have any self-confidence and need an approval from her oppressor. (CX) The speaker also used “I’ll rise” meaning that she haven’t accomplish what she wants to accomplish, but hoping that she will. (CD-CX) At the end of the poem, the author shows that the speaker is not afraid nor worry about what her oppressor think of her. (CX) She doesn’t need any approval from her oppressor anymore. (IC) She stop asking questions, and instead of using “I’ll rise,” she used “I rise.” (CD) This shows the reader that the speaker becomes an independent person who believe in herself and control herself. (CX) The speaker stop relying on her oppressor. (IC)

The theme of this poem can be apply to all humans kind. (IC) All humans kind have identity. (IC) Sometimes, we face challenges and worry about how other people see and think of us. (CX) We do things to impress others by hoping that they would praise us. (CX) We want to show off what we have to other people. (CX) All of these things tells us  that we need an approval from other people, and it also tells us our identity. (CD-CX)

In order to write a meaningful poetry, I don’t  think it is necessary for an author to experience tragedy. (CX)  There are many other ways for an author to write a meaningful poetry. (IC) An author can write a meaningful poetry through many different experiences. (IC) For example, an author can write a meaningful poetry through inspiration from other people and other things. (IC)  Another example is that an author can face triumph and write a meaningful poetry. (CX) Many different experiences allow an author to write a meaningful poetry. (IC)

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