My Thoughts about Maya Angelou’s “Still I Rise”

In “Still I Rise”, Maya Angelou is the speaker herself and expresses the theme of overcoming the horrors of sexuality, racism, and personal experiences with determination, certainty, and grace. (CD-CX)  The reason why this poem is so meaningful is mostly because humanity can connect with it. (CX) Somehow our world creates problems such as racism that can affect the spirit or soul of a human in numerous ways. (CX) Each and every human can relate to this poem because all humans live in this world. (CD) This world is full of horrible obstacles but learning to overcome them can bring everyone together. (CD)

The author presents a change in the speaker through the construction of the poem. (IC) The author splits up the poem between two emotions. (IC) The first seven stanzas represent the speaker being held back by a certain obstacle. (CX) The emotions remain introverted, sad, and bitter. (CD) The speaker is almost asking for approval and every time this feminine speaker addresses the horrible actions of the withholding oppressor, she says “I’ll rise”. (CD-CX) By saying this, the speaker shows her uncertainty. (IC) This might tell the audience that the speaker is in a phase of hesitation, uncertainty, and is unsure of whether she will prevail. (CD) In the second half, the speaker is unbound and has a strict sense of self-respect. (CD) The voice is confident and sure that she will prevail and is forgetting about the pain and fear she felt when she was oppressed. (CD-CX)

 In my opinion I don’t think it’s necessary for a person to go through a horrible tragedy in order to write something meaningful. (CX) For example, any person can write about an experience that’s good and it can still be meaningful. (CD) For something to be meaningful, a person needs to connect with it and truly understand the meaning of it. (CX) 

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