My Thoughts about Maya Angelou’s “Still I Rise”

“I’ll rise, I’ll rise, I’ll rise” Maya Angelou wrote the poem “Still I Rise” in 1978. (IC) In this poem she uses imagery and metaphors. (IC) The poem also have a theme. (IC) The theme of the poem is identity and maturity. (IC) This theme can be discovered because in the first half of the poem the speaker is looking for approval, in the second half of the poem the speaker is not seeking for approval and identifies herself. (CD-CX) The speaker also shows that the theme is identity by in the first half of the poem saying I’ll rise, then in the end of the poem saying I rise. (CD-CX)

The author shows the speaker’s change by showing in the first half of the poem rhyme scheme then at the second have doing free verse. (CX) This shows the speaker have been freed and is no longer trying to stay in order. (CD)

It is necessary for an author to experience tragedy in order to write meaningful poetry because a person has to go through something to be able to tell a story.(CD) A person have to relate to make something powerful out of it.(IC) The impact will be much bigger if the speakers adds there personal story to it. (IC)

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