My Thoughts about Maya Angelou’s “Still I Rise”

I believe the theme of this poem is not giving up. (IC) The reason I believe the theme is not giving up because the speaker did not give up. (CX) Even though there were times when the speaker felt bad, they overcame the struggles. (CD)The speaker also learned to believe in there self. (IC)  The theme applies to all humans because sometimes it’s hard to not worry about how others think. (CX) Also at some point in life everyone has wanted to give up but you just have to strive for better.(CD)

  The author shows a major change in the speaker’s voice. (IC)In the first part of the part of the poem the speaker is seeking validation from someone. (IC) For example, in the poem the speaker says “Did you want to see me broken” the speaker is seeking approval. (IC) In the second part of the poem the speaker doesn’t need anyone’s approval. (IC)You can tell because the speaker didn’t question anything they said. (IC) The speaker was just constantly referring to themselves as rising. (IC)

 I don’t believe that you have to experience a tragedy in order to write a meaningful poem. (IC) The reason I believe that it’s the smallest things in life can affect you in a major way and make you want to write a meaningful poem. (CD-CX) That doesn’t necessarily mean a tragedy has to happen you just have to learn how to recover from them and believe in yourself. (CD-CX) Another reason is that all poets don’t necessarily go through tragedies to become good poets. (IC) Some people just have a good talent and can write about certain situations without even going through it. (CD)

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