“Still I Rise,” by Maya Angelou


The theme of Still I rise” is about embracing your sexuality and self worth.(IC)  The theme applies to all  because everybody needs to embrace their self worth.(CD) The way Ms.Angelou shows the speakers a motif of power.(IC) If an author experiences tragidy they do not have to put it in the works to make it meaningful or powerful.(CD) The tone in this poem changes from victim to survivor.(IC)

Ms.Angelou demonstrates a change in her tone of voice.(IC) In the first half of the poem, Ms.Angelou is caring about what whoever says about her.(IC) She is a victim, and has no idea how much worth she has(IC) When she says “ Still I rise” this shows that Ms.Angelou has an increases view on her self worth.(CX) She is no longer caring about what people say or thing of her.(IC) Now,she knows herself wort.(IC)

Through out the whole poem there was a shift in her emotions.(IC) In the beginning she had been confused and lost.(IC) It shows how before she overcame her hardships she had to get it back up.(CD)  She goes through her tough situations and rises above them.(CD)

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