My Thoughts about Maya Angelou’s “Still I Rise”

“Still I Rise “by Maya Angelou is a remarkable poem. (IC) She wrote this poem __ years ago. (IC) Theme is everything in a poem. (IC) How does the theme of this poem relate to anyone? (IC) What is the theme of this poem? (IC)  


The theme of this poem is self-respect. (IC)  The poem explains how she gets through tough things in her life with her self-esteem. (CX) this poem can apply to everyone because everyone has at least a little self-respect to not let little things bring her down. (CD) Or they can learn to not let those little things affect them (IC)


Theme is very important part of this poem. (IC) The theme effects the way the reader can relate to this poem. (IC) “Still I Rise” is a phenomenal poem.(IC)

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