The Gettysburg Address: Then and Now


Everyone doesn’t know how great of a man Abraham Lincoln actually was.(CX) Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States.(IC) He was very important to his country.(IC) Lincoln is known today for his Presidency in which he fought the Confederacy during the Civil War.(CX) He wanted equality and liberty.(IC) Lincoln was one of the reasons that pro-slavery states broke away.(CX) He abolished slavery with the Emancipation Proclamation.(IC) People were afraid that he was going to ban slavery because he was an anti-slavery person.(CD-CX) Gettysburg Address was a victory for the Union but it was the bloodiest battle.(CD) It was a huge battle for Lincoln as well.(IC) There were so many deaths in the Gettysburg Address.(IC)

In my opinion Lincoln was the best president for his intrepidity.(IC) He did whatever he could to make his country equal and balanced.(CD-CX) Lincoln did all he could while he was in office.(IC) No president has come close to equaling his achievements.(IC) During his administration he fought and won the bloodiest war in our history. (IC) Lincoln passed through congress the most monumental piece of legislation.(IC) Lincoln made the United States a more unifies nation.(IC) Because Lincoln did so much for our country and the stress of the war made him age entirely. (CD-CX) He took office to his death.(IC)

Lincoln was one brave man.(IC) He did not fear because he knew whatever led to him helping our country would make people lead to violence.(CX) People didn’t like the fact that he was making so many changes, especially for abolishing slavery.(CX) Which it lead to Lincoln getting killed.(IC) Hopefully people view Lincoln as a great man the way I did.(IC)

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