The Gettysburg Address: Then and Now

The Gettysburg Address, which was recited by President Lincoln, was given to express his desire to end racial inequality and honor those who fought for his nation. (CX) When Lincoln made this speech, race would have appeared to be the only thing dividing men’s treatment. (CX) We can now apply the concept Lincoln tries to convey to other examples of social inequality. (CX)

I have chosen to relate Lincoln’s speech to the lack of transgender rights and the lack of respect for trans-gendered people. (IC) Many people treat trans-gendered people as some kind of aliens, and that overall gives them more not only difficulty finding jobs and finding a place to live.(CD) In the Gettysburg Address, President Lincoln says “dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal”.(CX) President Lincoln was trying to say that all men are created equal, meaning any man is a human and should be treated like a human.(CX) Lincoln says that the government was created ‘by the people, for the people’, and that ‘it should not perish from the earth’. (IC)In order to not perish from the earth, things must change and rights must be given to people who are clearly human. (CX) Many petitions for them exist today, and I am sure that Lincoln was alive today, he would argue for them. (CD)

The Gettysburg Address is a powerful piece and hopefully in the future will be referenced to argue against other social inequality. (CD) As much as some people, specifically of the older population may not have heard of these issues, they matter. (CX) Back then, Lincoln argued for equal racial rights, now we should argue and fight for all equality. (CD)

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