The Gettysburg Address: Then and Now

An unfinished task in America today is that people of the same gender can’t get married in most states.  (CX)  This is an important unfinished task in America because it goes hand in hand with the hope for equality that Abraham Lincoln talked about.  (CX)

Life in America is not equal if people can’t marry whomever they would like to, no matter the gender.  (CX)  America has not yet become a free country if people are stuck marrying the different gender or if they must travel to certain places to be recognized as a married couple, or to be married at all.  (CD)  Some people make fun of those individuals who have different romantic beliefs than they do.  (CX)  The people who are teased can become so sick of the teasing and bullying that they go to drastic measures to free themselves from it.  (CX)  In extreme cases, this can lead to the loss of a precious life that will never again be found on this earth.  (CX)  The relatives and friends of the poor victim probably become devastated and will never be the same.  (IC)

During the Civil War, the soldiers fought and died for this dream of equality and freedom.  (CX)  Why do some people these days not think this is part of that dream as well?  (IC)  Why do some people believe that only different gender marriages are true, proper, and can be actual love?  (CX)  Why can’t the people of America get their act together and see that without this, all aren’t equal?  (CX)

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