The Gettysburg Address: Then and Now

Throughout this country many people would say that Lincoln is their favorite president. (CX) Most likely the only reason they think this is because he is well known and is known for his honesty.(CD) No one really recognizes what he did for this country and how he is one of the reasons why this country is so strong and dedicated today(CD-CX). A way he helped this country was his remarkable speech in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania where they were going to build a cemetery at.( CX)

When President Lincoln gave his speech the Gettysburg Address, he knew exactly  the message that he wanted to pass on which was that the soldiers that have died didn’t die for no reason. (CD-CX) And that all the solders that have died should be a wakeup call that we as a nation need to be stronger. (CX)

If our nation didn’t reunite after the Great Civil War in Gettysburg, Pa.(IC) Do you think we would be as strong as we are now?( IC) I certainly think that we would’ve fallen as a whole and would’ve not made it far.(CX) Because with the north and south divided , we would always be fighting over who would have the most power.(CD) This would cause us to slowly decline. (IC)

When the Gettysburg Address was spoken , no one really knew how much it would affect our nation.(CD) Was it the dedication to all the soldiers that died?(IC) Was it a cry for help for the people to help bring the nation together?(IC) Or was it something as simple as keeping the idea of equality going on.(CX)

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