The Gettysburg Address: Then and Now


Ever since 1870, homosexuals have been targeted and discriminated against. Homosexuality made its way to the states around the time of W.W.1. Many gay couples were forced to leave the army and other jobs and shipped off to San Francisco. Afraid of what their loved ones would say, they stayed. Still to this day, San Francisco has the highest gay population in all of America. Now around the 1920’s, gays were not treated fairly. Even law enforcement brutalized and harassed gays. Gays were being fired from their jobs and even sometimes arrested. The most discriminated against minority was and still is homosexual men and women. Gay bashing was taken to a new extreme in the 50’s and 60’s. Not only were public beatings and rape done to gays by average people but also by police.

This was just the tip of the ice berg. Gay discrimination is still going on today. The number of gays has risen substantially. Today 3.8% of adults identify themselves as LGBT, which is approximately 10 million people.

We have however made lots of progress with the way gays are treated. Gay bashing, and many other types of discrimination, are now illegal in America. The bashing still takes place but on a much smaller scale than it used to be.  A big step we have taken to squash the discrimination is making same-sex marriage legal. The first state to legalize same-sex marriage was Massachusetts and since they did this, the divorce rate went down a whopping 21%.

This country was founded on the idea that all human beings are equal. More than once, our country has strayed from its initial purpose. As one, we can see to it that the dream of our founding fathers is fulfilled and that we treat one another with love and fairness.

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