The Gettysburg Address: Then and Now

Abraham Lincoln was born February 12, 1805. He grew up in a log cabin with his siblings. His mother died when he was at the age of 9 from tremetol. His father remarried a widow with three children. She encouraged him to read. President Lincoln was also a civil rights avtivists. During his time as president, he brought anojy the emancipation of slaves.

The Gettysburg Address was written in 1963. It was dedicated to the men who fought in Civil War. The speech was given by the U.S. 16th president Abraham Lincoln. This speech has five known copies.

 The men who fought in the war fought to keep their union together. The people of that time made the field the soldiers died on into a cementary for those who gave their lives thinking their nation might live. The Gettysburg Address was a touching speech for some of those who listened to it.

The spech was giving to pusaude the people that this continent was made o give people freedom and equality. Lincoln wanted people that the men who died didn’t die for nothin. Lincoln talks about a story being continued. Those people who died in the war allowed us to have “a new birth of freedom”. Til this day the story still is beig continued. The story is about America coming together as one. The Getysburg tells us about what should be done. This speech touched people to the point where they broke away from the north and became one.

To many soul, President Lincoln wasn’t a very good Presient. But for someone who is illeterate he changed the world. Licoln changed the world with his stringly, remarkable address. Thank you.

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