The Gettysburg Address: Then and Now


The Gettysburg Address is huge part of history. (IC) This speech is telling how America was conceived and how we wanted to be free from the Monarchs. (CX) They thought we were dumb and uneducated. (IC) We had to show them what we were about something. (CX) So we went to war for our new birth of freedom. (IC) The dead who fought in civil war are honored to this very day because they fought for us and for our story to continue. (CX) They were fighting to keep the union together. They wanted to continue our story. (IC) They were letting England know we are not giving up on our country. (IC) They showed devotion devotion and gave their last full measure on that battle field. (CD) They left their families, so that they can live on freely. (CD) Lincoln gave this speech to let everyone know that our story wasn’t over. (IC) He was trying the north and the south together. (IC) In the speech he cites the equality of humanity. (IC) Our story is not over we still have some unfinished work. (IC) The story won’t end until the union fails. (IC) The sad thing is the soldiers and fighters lost their live, but they wanted to show their loyalty to their country. (CD) Those fighters didn’t want to let their country down. (IC) The Gettysburg Address made America.














































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