The Gettysburg Address: Then and Now

Immigrants in the United States often have very difficult lives in comparison to people who are born here. (CX) Many people who immigrate to the U.S. come for a better, more stable life, but end up having to work doing the hardest, lowest paying jobs. (CX)

Many Americans need to realize that these people who immigrate here aren’t coming to steal our jobs or make our lives more difficult. (CX) They just want a stable, productive life like the ones many of us take for granted. (IC) While some of these immigrants may not have the best English education, many Americans aren’t very well educated either, yet these Americans often have less demanding, better paying jobs than immigrants. (CD-CX)

Angry Americans sometimes treat immigrants harshly by blaming them for problems they didn’t cause, verbally insulting them, and sometimes even resorting to physical violence against them. (CX) “Nativism”, the belief that natives deserve better treatment than immigrants, has developed because of some Americans’  anger when immigrants are successful. (CX) If in the U.S. we believe that all men are created equal, it shouldn’t matter where the people come from. (CX)

We should learn to admire each other’s achievemnets and use them to motivate ourselves to do better. (IC) We should not try to deny others the opportunity to better their lives in order to make ourselves feel secure. (CX) America should welcome people who want to be a part of our society because many of our ownfamily members immigrated here. (CD-CX) Everyone should be given an equal opportunity to be happy and proseperous no matter where they came from or when. (CD-CX)

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