The Gettysburg Address: Then and Now

“Four score and seven years ago”… When Lincoln wrote the Gettysburg address he wanted to change society. He wanted to impact lives’.(IC) The purpose of the Gettysburg was to make the United States equal.(IC)  It proposed that every man was equal, but during the 1800 equality was the last thing on people’s minds. Everybody wanted power and to feel above someone.(IC) What about today?(IC) Has that changed, are we equal now?(CX) No but the United States has come a long way.(CX) For example 9/11 was tuff time for Muslims after that terrorist attack. Everyone one looked at them as a threat and outsiders.(CD) But now society is changing we went from looking at Muslims at threats to having a president that’s middle name is the same as the man who planned the attack. So has the society change?(CD-CX) We went from segregation in schools, and restaurants to equality at churches, restaurants, movie theaters, and everywhere.(CD-CX) There’s no place that prohibits only one race.(IC) The Gettysburg impact was protracted throughout the word.(IC) Lincoln had hope.(IC) He was right when he said the world would little note, but we did remember what happen there and that has changed us.(CD-CX)


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