The Gettysburg Address: Then and Now

In America, sexism has been a big problem. (I.C.) Sexism is the act of discrimination against a person’s sex. (I.C.) Sexism in America is usually towards females rather than males, but sexism can be towards anyone who is being discriminated against. (CD-CX) If we look at the world as a whole, the rate of sexism towards women today is still very high especially in other countries. (C.X.) Even with that being said, sexism has come a long way since the beginning of time.  In earlier times women didn’t have any rights at all.(I.C.) They couldn’t own property, vote, or be in office, but now women in the US can be anything they desire. (C.X.) A time called the Age of Enlightenment marked the time when sexism became an issue that men and women wanted to address and stop. (C.D.)

Today in America we are not free of sexism. (I.C.) It is averaged that for every dollar that a man makes a women will only get 77 cents for the same work. (I.C.)  How is this fair? (I.C.) Unless the person was doing such a horrible job compared to the other, why wouldn’t they be getting the same amount?(C.D.) Groups have been started over what is fair for women, one of these groups are the feminist.(I.C.)This is where I belive the line is drawn from trying to better the act of  sexism and reversing the roles. (I.C.) Feminist groups that are actually trying to fight for what is right and having equality among sexes are great, but then there are the feminist that you see on TV and YouTube videos who seem to attack men for being men. (CD-CX) I believe that we are so close to having complete equality among each other, but that also means not reversing the roles. (CD-CX)


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