The Gettysburg Address: Then and Now

The Gettysburg Address: Then and Now

Since the founding of this country, people could get married. Marriage is one of the most important times in someone’s life. It shows love, and the willingness to stay with one person for the rest of your life. This ritual is definitely one of the most important in anyone’s life. Yet still to this day, some people can’t get married. No matter how much love is in the relationship, or how long the two have been together, homosexuals can’t get married.

This is the biggest inequality in our country still, and something needs to happen about it. We should not get mad at people that don’t believe in this marriage equality, we need to instead accept that people disagree, and need to persuade them to believe in what we do. The necessary thing is to convince people in equality. The United States of America was founded in liberty, and dedicated to equality. We still to this day have not achieved that dream. One day we will hopefully be able to have this marriage equality that we want.

It is necessary to have equality in this country, and this dream needs to come true soon. All people should be able to live equally, and be with who they are destined to be with. This is the only way for the country to continue its dream of equality. We don’t need parades or other demonstrations of pride to make these needed changes, we need the Government to actually step in and change how it works so that we can achieve this freedom and equality that our country needs to be truly equal.


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