The Gettysburg Address: Then and Now


I have a strong concern with the issue of bullying(I.C). I think dealing with bullying has many complicated steps (CX). There are several types of bullying such as cyber bullying, physical bullying and verbal bullying (IC). Bullying may cause suicide(IC).

Bullying is common in the ages from 7-18(IC). Bullying is an act of repeated aggressive behavior in order to intentionally hurt another person, physically or mentally (CX). Bullying is characterized by an individual behaving in a certain way to gain power over the other person (CX).

To deal with the bully you have to think logically and consider your health (CX). You should first try to ignore them (CX). If they continue to bully you, you should inform trusted adult (CX). The adult should most likely take over and deal with its (CD-CX) .If they hurt you to a point where you’re afraid to go places you should inform the police (CX).

Cyber bullying is bullying through the technology, such as cell phones, Face book, my space, Twitter, Yahoo mail, AIM and etc. (IC). Physical bullying is when the bully is abusing the victim (CX). Verbal bullying is when the bully hurts the victim with words (CX). Emotional bullying is when they affect the victims’ emotions by spreading rumors, excluding in games and etc. (CX).

Statistics show that 77% of students have been bullied, and 14% of those people have reacted badly to it (CD). Many people have done studies on bulling that have shown it is a very serious problem in this generation (CD-CX).  Bullying that occurs within this generation of young people can happen in different types of ways, but the present and future impact on every person involved is quite shocking( CD-CX).

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