The Gettysburg Address: Then and Now

The United States of America has been publicly aiming for this prospect of liberty and freedom for all since it was founded. (CX) Our founding fathers began a nation that’s unlike any nation we’ve seen before. (CX) Looking at the background of America’s founding fathers would leave us skeptic today because they owned slaves. (CX) This shows the progression that the U.S. has made as a country. (CX) Whether fighting the British against tax discrimination or fighting amongst themselves for equality for African Americans, people have stood by this founding vision of equality and liberty because they believe in it. (CD) Although there are many issues today regarding rights, I want speak about civil rights for Muslims. (CX)

I chose this topic because I have personal experience with being a Muslim in America. (CX) In America, many Muslims are subjected to ignorance and hate. (IC)  From the burning down of masjids to hate crimes on subways, some Muslims have had a traumatic experience because of the way they’re treated. (CX) In February, a New York federal judge ruled that it was within the framework of the Constitution to treat Muslim religious centers, businesses and student associations as terrorist organizations. (CX) All of this is caused by a general fear of Islam. (IC) We should not combat this by simply complaining or threatening. (IC) Instead, we should lead by example and remain patient. (IC)

Muslims all around the world are struggling. (IC) It’s important to remember that we Muslims are not alone. (CX) Many groups have endured the same trials in the past. (IC)We should remember that things have gotten better since the travesties of 9/11, but we will still push ourselves to protect our beliefs and our rights. (CD-CX)


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