The Gettysburg Address: Then and Now

The 271 word speech given by our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, left a huge impact on American society. (CX) Each one of the 271 words was meaningful and it changed how people viewed and looked at government and society. (CX) This speech is called the Gettysburg Address. (CX) This speech inspired every American at the time Abraham Lincoln presented it. (CX) “Lincoln starts off with “Four score and seven years our fathers brought forth on this continent…” and mentioned how our founding fathers had set up this nation with equality and peace in the past. (CX) During his speech he mentions a pledge to complete the things that were left unfinished. (CX) This speech left a long lasting effect on many and people started to wonder if it really was possible to complete the unfinished task. (CX) This speech was giving in no less than two minutes, therefore it should not take us more time to actually finish the incomplete work. (CD) This speech was turning point for the government and it was about ongoing equality amongst the people which began by our founding fathers. (CD-CX) If we take a deeper look into our society today, do we still a perfect nation filled with fairness? (CD) Are all human beings treated the same in this nation? (CX)

We can see that this nation has not completed the unfinished work. (CX)  It seems like the unfinished work has been locked away and secretly hidden, so that no one can figure out a way to finish it. (CD) This nation was founded on equality and still not everyone is treated with equal manner. (CX) One example of unfinished work can be racism. (CX) Racism seems to be very well known. (CX)  Racism affects the society in a negative way because people have to struggle for equal opportunity. (CX)

We have to make this come to end. (CX) We should be able to at least finish racism amongst society and the people. (CX) Racism can be one of our unfinished works that we have to complete. (CX)

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