The Gettysburg Address: Then and Now

On November 19, 1863, in America, president Abraham Lincoln gave a speech called the Gettysburg Address. (CX) This speech was dedicatd to those who gave their lives fighting for their nation and were buried in Gettysburg. (CX) During the Civil War, everyone disliked each other ad their ideas. (CX) The Gettysburg Address gave hope to the people and united them even though most hated each other. (CX)

In today’s time, the Gettysburg Address is looked to for hope and unity, but the propostion that all men are created equal isn’t there yet. (CX)  In America, there is still racism and inequality. (IC) People are made fun of because they have different skin color, religion, or origin. (CD) The majority of women are paid less than males. (IC) Also, in some states, racism is very high. (IC) For example, African Americans may not be allowed to go to certain stores because of their skin color. (IC) In addition to inequality, same sex marriage is high lowed down on and in some states not allowed. (CD) If all men are created equal, then all men should have the same rights and power to go where they want, buy what they want, live where they want, and marry who they want. (CX) To give a new birth to freedom and ensure that all men are created equal, equality laws should be put in place, racist people need to get over the past and accept the future, and in schools, students should be taught to respect their fellow human beings and treat them the way they want to be treated. (CX)

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