My Thoughts about Robert Frost’s Poem, “Nothing Gold Can Stay”

The general theme of this poem expresses how you aren’t a child forever and how you must learn how to grow up in order to experience life lessons. (CX) It also expresses how you must live your life to the fullest as you’re a child because you’re only a child for a short period. (CX) Another theme for this poem is that good things eventually fade away. (CX) Enjoy the little things when you’re young because they won’t be there forever. (CX)This is what the theme of this poem, “Nothing Gold Can Stay” explains to us. (CX)

Frost uses a lot of metaphors in this poem. (IC) For example, “dawn goes down to day” I believe it means that nothing is eternal. (CD) Also, “her early leafs a flower but only so an hour, then leaf subsides to leaf so Eden sank to grief,.” this means that flowers blooms quickly and to their fullest, then it slowly fades away. (CD)

The theme of this poem relates to everyday life in many ways. (IC) The poem reaches out to youth to realize that childhood isn’t long enough to throw it all away. (IC) The poem takes time for you to mature. (IC) You may have your good days and bad days, but you learn from those mistakes and strive to accomplish anything you want. (CD)

Yes I do agree that this poem has a positive message because when you really get to understand the poem, it makes you realize and think about your childhood. (CD-CX) It also makes the reader ponder on whether or not this poem leads you in the right direction. (IC) It gives a positive message to learn how to bounce back from your mistakes when you were/ are a child and prevent those same mistakes from happening again. (CD)


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