The Gettysburg Address: Then and Now

America has many good qualities, but everything has a bad side. (CD) Something that America still struggles with is our legal system. (CX) It seems like America is more worried about drugs than people doing crimes against other people. (CX) There have been many recent reports about men and women doing crimes against other people and only getting small sentences for jail and prison, but people doing drugs are getting lengthy sentences. (CD-CX)

In my personal opinion, I believe that crimes against other people (like abuse) should be more serious than drugs. (CX) I don’t understand how so many people get the easy way out of their punishments, when they abuse a minor or any age in fact. (CX) I also don’t understand how police men are more worried about meth, cocaine, and weed than they are abusers. (CD) People who abuse any person to a level were they are in the hospital should be in prison or jail for several years. (CX) Men and women who are abusers are getting shorter and shorter sentences as years goes by, and people doing drugs are staying in for a longer period of time. (CD-CX)

I feel that America legal system should be far more worried about abusers and killers than drug dealers. (CX) It’s completely ludicrous that more people are getting away with violent crimes everyday than people who do and deal drugs. (CD) I don’t know how the men and women of the American legal system can sleep at night knowing they let people who abuse and kill out into the world with a very little prison sentence. (CD-CX) I hope that one day crimes against other people will become more important to our legal system than drug dealers. (CX)

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