My Thoughts about Robert Frost’s Poem, “Nothing Gold Can Stay”

The general theme of this poem is to let us know that nothing in this world lasts, so don’t take things for granted. (CD) Many symbols and metaphors are presented in this poem that can support the theme. (IC) A metaphor that is used in the poem is, “green is gold.” (IC) This prefers to nature and how green is the color that really associates with nature and how nature can be also gold in value. (CD-CX) Also, the line also uses alliteration repeating the G. (IC) It adds a connection between the two colors. (IC)

The theme of this poem has many connections to a human’s life. (IC) Every day in your life you get something new that you feel you can keep by your side. (IC) The poem is saying that not everything lasts, so why take things for granted. (CD) Once you get that new “thing,” sooner or later it’ll be long gone. (CX) The poem is teaching the reader a lesson. (IC) You can’t keep everything in life. (IC) You have to let some things go. (IC)

In this poem, I believe that there is a positive message in here. (IC) I see no negativity. (IC) It’s teaching a basic lesson. (IC) No bad advice is given to the reader in this case. (IC) Frost gave a specific message behind the true words of the poem, and apparently we figured that specific message out to help us all for a benefit. (CX)

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