My Thoughts about Robert Frost’s Poem, “Nothing Gold Can Stay”


The general theme of the poem “Nothing Gold can Stay” seems to be that good things don’t last forever.(CX) This is shown right from the title, gold being the good thing and saying that it cannot stay.(CX) Throughout the poem especially line 4 it says “but only so an hour” saying that the “gold” is only there for an hour and then leaves.(CX)

Robert Frost uses metaphors and symbols throughout the poem to express the theme usually with the use of gold. (CX) Robert Frost is not talking about real physical gold when he uses that therm he is talking about something that is valuable and precious. (CX) Robert Frost also uses metaphors in his poem like “so Eden sank to grief”. (CD) Eden did not literally sink into something called grief that is impossible; she according to him just became sad.(CD-CX)

The general theme of “Nothing Gold can Stay” can apply to everyone by letting them know that something won’t last forever. (CX) This can be seen as a bad thing, but it actually can help someone get over something if they couldn’t before.(CD) I feel that if something has to leave then it will most likely come back at another time, so it won;t be gone forever. (CD)

Yes, I agree that there is a positive  message in “Nothing Gold can Stay”.(IC) I believe that since Robert Frost is saying that the good things can not last forever, doesn’t mean that they are gone forever. (CX) In his poem he is showing the bad things in a seasonal way with leafs and dawn, so what happens in seasons, they change. (CD ) So I believe that the good things will cycle back around. (CX)

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