My Thoughts about Robert Frost’s Poem, “Nothing Gold Can Stay”



The general theme of “Nothing Gold Can Stay” is not everything can last forever, so don’t take it for granted. (CD) We have a lot of special things in our lives. (IC) These special things and events are short lived. (IC) That’s part of what makes them special. (CX) We have to accept change and appreciate it while it is there. (CX) This theme is explained through the emotions and key words that are used in the poem. (CX)

Frost uses metaphors and symbols to express the theme of the poem.(IC) Nothing Gold Can Stay is a metaphor that states that good things come with a price. (CX) For example, you receive a puppy for your fourth birthday, then when you turn twelve he dies. (CX) So basically, Life isn’t fair. (IC) Each line in the poem means something. (IC) Such as the last line, nothing gold can stay. (IC) I think it means that great things will come to you, but they aren’t going to last forever. (CD) This poem means a lot, but you just have to understand it. (CD)

The general theme “Nothing Gold Can Stay” can apply to everyday life by the impression is that you only live once. (CX) This poem can be an everyday reminder that good things can come to you quickly but they can leave even more quickly. (CD) This poem actually has real-world application and can be used as a daily reminder. (CD) Someone could benefit from knowing this poem. (IC) This poem can be a realization of how life really is.(IC) Maybe even if someone is going through the similar downfalls in their life. (CX) They can relate to what the poem is talking about. (IC)

I don’t agree with the scholars that there is a positive message in the poem. (IC) I don’t agree because once there is something going good it doesn’t last for long. (CX) For example, one of the lines in the poem says “Her early leaf’s a flower, but only so an hour”, they are saying that things that are good will last, but only for a short period. (CD-CX) Therefore, this poem shows happiness and it ends with sadness. (CD) There is nothing positive in this poem. (IC)

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