My Thoughts about Robert Frost’s Poem, “Nothing Gold Can Stay”

This poem by Robert Frost can be related by everyone. In the first stanzas of the poem, he’s speaking as if he was confused and depressed about how life is. In the second stanzas, his tone becomes mature about how life works. Everyone has been through those stages where they have been so disappointed by the things they cherished not lasting as long as they hoped. With that being said, I think the general theme of this poem is not everything lasts forever, so cherish and love those things while you still have it.

The general theme of “Nothing Gold Can Stay” can apply to everyday life by giving the people a first thought to cherish all that they have. People in this world are so greedy that they’ll do everything in their power to have it all. When they do have it, in the next year, maybe even a week, it’s gone. The general theme can’t teach us a lesson but it can make us think about how we treat our things.

Some scholars think that in this poem Frost gives a positive message? I think there isn’t a 3 message. I think there is a negative message. I think there’s a negative message because this poem tells us that everything we have will never stay. The poem even tells a story of life not staying. Since we the people apart of life, we’ll soon disappear. How is that positive? Never seeing the people we love again!

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