My Thoughts about Robert Frost’s Poem, “Nothing Gold Can Stay”

The general theme of “Nothing Gold Can Stay” is good things can’t last forever. (CX) You can never learn from your mistakes if everything is always good and worry free. (CX) You should appreciate and honor what you have at that moment. (CX) The general theme of “Nothing Gold Can Stay” applies to everyday life by basically saying, that you can have valuable things today and tomorrow it can all be gone. (CD-CX) Things like that happen to people everyday. (IC) An example is someone could be flashing their money around, and the next day its gone. (CD) They then learn don’t flash valuable things, honor them.(IC)

Frost uses metaphors to express the theme of the poem by comparing leaf to flowers and then comparing them to seasons. (CD) Frost using different metaphors really gives this poem a new meaning. (IC) Thinking this poem doesn’t mean much because its only eight lines will shock you one you get deep into it. (CD) The metaphors really give a whole different outline on the poem. (IC) Frost using symbols livens the poem up. (IC) He uses alliteration that lines up with each other when used. (IC) The poem is a symbol of iambic trimester. (IC) Both metaphors and symbols give this poem a new meaning and brings it to life. (CD)

Yes, I agree there is a positive message in “Nothing Gold Can Stay”. (IC) I agree because this poem can teach people life lessons. (IC) It teaches them they should cherish and value things in life. (CD) Without mess ups you’re not living life. (IC)

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