My Thoughts about Robert Frost’s Poem, “Nothing Gold Can Stay”

The general theme of “Nothing Gold Can Stay” is simple. (IC) Nothing stays the same forever and nothing is perfect. (IC) The general theme applies to everyday life because things change constantly, and you have to adapt to them. (CD-CX)

Frost uses metaphors to express the theme of the poem and to show how good things lead to bad things or challenges. (IC) For example, Frost uses the seasons to show that nothing stays the same. (CX) ANother example is the speaker reminding the reader to enjoy the good times because, they won’t last long or stay forever. (CX)

Some believe the poem conveys a positive message but, I agree and disagree. (CX) I agree because, even though nothing good stays forever, the good things eventually come back. (CX) I also disagree because, good times ending isn’t very positive even though they’ll come back at some point. (CX)

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