My Thoughts about Robert Frost’s Poem, “Nothing Gold Can Stay”

“Nothing Gold Can Stay,” by Robert Frost


The general them of this poem is that nothing can last forever. (CX) I know this because “Then leaf subsides to leaf”. (IC) This was our first hint of the theme of this poem. (IC)  This line shows us what happens after the early leaf is no longer symbolically a flower, it becomes a true leaf. But Frost doesn’t say “becomes,” he says “subsides.” (CD)  This means that the first leaf descended down, or settled, to become an additional leaf. It cyclical, it’s rebuilding to start again. (CD-CX)  This line in Frost’s poem is telling us that something new is starting. (IC)  Another hint was “So dawn goes down to day.” (IC) This line shows another relationship to the colors of spring revolving from gold to green, and the fall of Adam and Eve, but this time, dawn is going down to day. (CD-CX)  From all of Frost’s hints we can show how Frost uses metaphors and symbols to express the theme of the poem, which is nothing last forever. (CD)

The general theme of “Nothing Gold Can Stay”, which was nothing last forever, applies to Felix culpa. (CX) Felix culpa is Latin for “fortunate fall.” (IC)  The Felix culpa describes how the sin of Adam viewed as fortunate, because it brought about the blessedness of the Redemption.( CD-CX) Felix culpa is Christian theology.(IC)  Christian theology is applied in everyday lives. (IC)

I believe that “Nothing Gold Can Stay”, has a positive message.(IC)  I think the message is positive because it telling you to live your life.(CD)  The fact that Frost emphases that nothing can last forever it’s positive already because he’s encouraging you to take advantage of life.(CX)  The inspiration to live life is a positive message, so therefore I believe that “Nothing Gold Can Stay”, has a positive message on reader and positive affect on people’s lives. (CD-CX)



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