My Thoughts about Robert Frost’s Poem, “Nothing Gold Can Stay”


The poem, “Nothing Gold Can Stay,” by Robert Frost is much more than two stanzas. (IC) The theme isn’t just the generic “good things don’t last.” (IC) The theme is much more than that. (IC) The message Frost is trying to get across is that life is cyclical. (CX) There is no beginning or end. (IC) As the seasons pass, people will continue to live, die, and everything will move on. (CD-CX) The golden times will not last forever. (IC) This poem can be applied to many things in everyday life. (IC) Love, life, and happiness are perfect examples. (IC) Another example is that moment in your life when everything seems perfect, but then something bad happens. (CD-CX) However, this poem is more than that. (IC)

Frost uses multiple symbols in “Nothing Gold Can Stay”. (IC) When he uses the word “gold”, it’s a symbol for anything that changes. (CD-CX) It could be the seasons, love, paradise. (IC) Another symbol is when he references Eden. (CX) The line “so Eden sank to grief” symbolizes the regret and loss, which is taken for granted, of mankind. (CX) Unlike the beasts of the wild, humans have a “weakness”. (CX) Humans can’t go through death and suffering without grief. (IC) As a human, you are not cursed, but blessed with this gift. (CD) Without grief, how would anything change or move on? (IC)

Frost’s seems very negative at this point, but it doesn’t have to be that way. (CD) There can be a positive message in the poem. (IC) After unpacking the poem, you see this sad reality in which we are happy then sad.(CD-CX) However, grief and sadness are blessings. (IC) It stops us from eating our children, or murdering our families for food. (CD) It draws a line between mankind and animals. (IC) That information should be positive to any sane person. (IC)

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