My Thoughts about Robert Frost’s Poem, “Nothing Gold Can Stay”

“Nothing Gold Can Stay” is a poem that is written by Robert Frost. (CX) Throughout the poem, Frost uses symbolism to convey his message. (CD-CX) He uses nature and its changing patterns to describe events in life. (IC) He mainly uses the seasons as a metaphor to talk about, how successes in life will be followed by more challenges. (CX)

He uses the life of a tree by comparing how it gets flowers first and blooms. (CD-CX) Then he says how the flowers don’t stay and eventually they go away and subside to leaves. (CD-CX) This is saying that you will have success but after that period more challenges will come like how the flowers leave way to just more leaves. (CD-CX) This can be applied to our daily lives. (IC)

We must be happy that we have success but, we must also be prepared for the challenges that lie ahead. (CD) Frost’s poem also has a positive side to it. (IC) He talks about how gold is the hardest hue to hold and how it doesn’t last long. (CD) Gold is a precious metal. (IC) It symbolizes the successes in our life. (IC) Frost is telling us to recognize and remember our successes because it won’t be long till more challenges come. (CD-CX)



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