My Thoughts about Robert Frost’s Poem, “Nothing Gold Can Stay”

Robert Frost gives us a very important point in his poem that all precious things in life have to come to an end. (CX) All the happiness and perfection does not last forever, so cherish every moment of it. (CD) The theme of this poem is that your path of joy has to come to end somewhere. (CX) Life may seem perfect at a specific time but eventually that perfection disappears and soon you realize that it is gone. (CX) You cannot pick or choose the time the ideal moment will end. (CX) It may go away any time so treasure that moment as much as you can today because who knows tomorrow might not come. (CX) You might even realize that perfect time of happiness might not ever come back. (CX)

Robert Frost uses a lot of metaphors and symbols to express the theme of his poem. (CX) In his poem, he uses “Nothing gold can stay” as a metaphor. (IC) He uses this as a metaphor saying all the good in life will not stay but vanish. (CX) We should live every moment of that perfection and happiness. (IC)  He uses “gold” as something precious and perfect. He says that life is not easy. (IC) You will face hardships along the way, but we should be able to keep the positive things during that time. (CD)

This poem’s theme applies to everyday life. In his poem, he states that “Her early leafs a flower; But only so an hour”. (CX) By this he means that we should live our life in the best way possible. (CX) Every year, month, day, hour, minute and second we could lose something very special to us, and soon it becomes a memory and we should realize the things we gained during that period of time. (CD-CX) We do not have much time, so cherish every single moment. (CX)

I think there is a positive message in this poem. (IC) The positive message is to live the happy moments of your life. (CX) If we don’t live it at that moment, we might regret it later on. (CX) Be happy with the beautiful things you have before they disappear. (CX)

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