My Thoughts about Robert Frost’s Poem, “Nothing Gold Can Stay”

“Nothing Gold Can Stay” is a very interesting poem. (IC) The poem is very short but contains a lot of meaning in only 8 lines of poetry. (IC) The general theme of this poem is that good things don’t last. (CX) In this poem, Frost writes about wonderful things and then talks about how they won’t stay. (CX) Examples of this are found in lines 1 and 3 when Frost talks about how nature’s “first green is gold” and “her early leaf’s a flower” which gives a hopeful tone, but Frost then follows both of these lines up with “her hardest hue to hold” and “only so an hour” and an entire stanza about good things fading away. (CD-CX) The general theme of this poem is stated in the title. (IC)

Frost wrote this poem to express and reflect the general theme that good things don’t last. (CX) He uses symbols and literary devices to do that. (IC) In the first line, the author connects green which is used to reflect nature to gold. (CX) This is used to signify the beauty of what nature creates and set a foundation for the poem’s theme. (IC) In the second line, Frost personifies nature by referring to it as “her” because it gives the reader an image of nature holding on to its gold. (CX) In the 3rd line, he makes a metaphorical statement when he relates nature’s early leaf to a flower. (CX) This builds up the happiness and goodness that is soon to be stepped on and crumbled which helps exemplify the poem’s theme. (CX)

The general theme of the poem is very applicable to real life because it teaches people to appreciate what they have and understand that things come and go. (CX) The poem’s theme helps us be thankful and not complain as much. (IC) It also helps us cherish the people around us and the opportunities we have. (IC) Some scholars believe that this poem has a positive message. (IC) This is completely dependant on your personal views. (IC) The scholars that are being referred to here are likely Christian scholars who are incorporating the idea of Felix Culpa which refers to the expulsion of mankind from heaven as a good thing. (CX) This would depend on your interpretation or idea of heaven. (IC) Personally, I think the intended message of the poem is positive, but I view paradise as this unimaginably wonderful place where suffering is necessary to appreciate happiness. (CD-CX) Obviously, this doesn’t apply to the life we are currently living in. (IC)

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