My Thoughts about William Ernest Henley’s Poem, “Invictus”

I think the theme of the poem is being bold and fearless because the author says in the poem even though he has been through a lot he has not gave up and he prepared for the conquests. Also, it talks about not giving up no matter what happens and to be in control of your life because you are the master of my fate and captain of your soul.

Yes, this poem does have a real-world application. For example, when my grades are bad I know not to give up and be finish, I keep on going and try my best. I know that no one has no influence on my grade, but me. Therefore I am the master of my fate and I am the captain of my soul.

Maybe when I’m older and I face big girl challenges like whether I want to leave st.louis and how will it be to be on my own. This poem will apply to my life whether to escape to some e or stay in st.louis and be like everyone else. So, I think this poem can apply to those times that are hard and decision making.where new and be in charge of my life

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