My Thoughts about Robert Frost’s Poem, “Nothing Gold Can Stay”

 Nothing Gold Can Stay theme is that not all of your life is horrible it just happens in a cycle. (CX-CD) Just like the four seasons.(IC) Some seasons are happy and cheerful just like life.(CX) Sadly there are some seasons that are not so enjoyable.(CX)There are two lines that show the theme in Nothing Gold Can Stay.(CX) The first and last lines stand out.(IC) They say the first line (“Natures first green is gold”) and the last line says(“Nothing Gold Can Stay”) are the best examples.(CX)  They basically say that when you have a good time in your life do not expect that to last due to the fact that Nothing gold can stay.(CD-CX)

Nothing Gold Can Stay can be applied to everyday life, because it directly applies to the four seasons which happens every year. (CD-CX) They all prove that life is good and bad, so you shouldn’t be sad at life because no good lasts forever and no bad lasts forever.(CD-CX) I think there are positive and negative messages in this poem.(IC) One negative message is that life kind of sucks.(CX) You are going to go through bad times in life, but the mistakes make you a true human being perfect gets you nowhere.(CD) A positive message is that nothing lasts forever.(CX) Doesn’t matter how much you think that bad is destroying you, well it isn’t.(CX) Bad times come and go don’t linger on that forever.(IC) That is the positive message this poem was trying to send.(IC)

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