My Thoughts about William Ernest Henley’s Poem, “Invictus”

The theme of the poem “Invictus” is about how the author, William Ernest Henley, has to deal with life and death situations. When Henley was young, he had tuberculosis of the bone, which resulted in getting his leg cut off below the knee. After that, he decided to write this poem. In this poem, he shows characteristics of being courageous, powerful, proud, and confident. He tells the reader what he went through and what he was thinking by using specific motifs. Based on these recurring motifs in stanza 1, the speaker defines what it means when it refers to the lack of light (darkness), which is an idea of bravery and pain.

This poem could have an impact on a person because once they understand the real meaning of this poem it could make them feel good about themselves and courageous. For example, if a student is struggling in school or in anything, just going back to the poem could help them realize that in the end everything will be fine and that you shouldn’t worry too much on that particular thing. Just keep moving forward. Also an athlete is another example as well. If they don’t think that they could do well in their big competition just refer back to this particular poem and strive to be the best. This poem provides wisdom and great thinking and could be beneficial to anyone.

I don’t believe that I have been in a situation where I could relate or feel like the speaker, but whenever I recite it I feel excitement and feel as though I can do anything if I put my mind to it. This poem could be beneficial to me because whenever I am stuck and I need guidance and words of wisdom, I reflect back onto this poem and I continue to do what I can do to make me successful.

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