My Thoughts about William Ernest Henley’s Poem, “Invictus”

The four stanza poem, “Invictus,” by William Ernest Henley is very powerful and makes the reader actually feel something. The theme of this poem is to be humble and confident even though the world is a cruel place. You may be put through terrible things, but in the end, it’s just you and you are the master of your fate, like Henley says in the poem. “Invictus” isn’t just a poem written by a teen with a lot of angst and feeling rebellious, it’s a poem sending a great message. Keep your head up and your confidence higher.

The poem “Invictus” has many real world applications. It can help someone get through a tough time. It can motivate someone. A very famous time this exact poem was used to motivate someone was with Nelson Mandela. While Mandela was in prison, he recited this poem to himself and other inmates. There is also a movie titled “Invictus” about Nelson Mandela. This shows that this peom has many ways it can be applied to the real world.

“Invictus” can be applied to my own life very easily. Being a teenager, like the author was when he wrote it, I have some of the same emotions he had. Sometimes I feel rebellious. In the future, this poem can help motivate me to never give up and not get overwhelmed by life itself. The world is strange and difficult. “Invictus,” by William Ernest Henley makes your time here easier by persevering you and convincing you to keep going.

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